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We create atmospheres with nature as the primary basis, striving for tantalizing combinations and surprising choices. Translating emotions into attractive, natural creations that excite the senses is at the core of our business. Our horticultural focus defines moments, events and interiors.

We think in color and form. Our passion and creativity help shape your needs and preferences, a beautiful way to capture your special everlasting moment. Unlimited ambition and unbridled energy are what we stand for. Our awe-inspiring designs are characterized by their originality and quality.

Oogenlust: a feast for the eyes!

Opening hours

Mon          Closed
Tue - Fri   10.00 - 18.00 uur
Sat            09.00 - 17.00 uur
Sun           Closed

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Beauty is in the nature of things



Experience our showroom much like a kaleidoscope, observing beautiful new forms and colors with every rotation. We have created a unique atmospheric experience indoors and out. Visit our showroom and get inspired, every season again: we love to share our passion with you. 

Discover, experience and above all: feel welcome!


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